“The illiterate of the future are not those who can’t read or write but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn” — Alvin Toffler

Have you ever walked a “known” road, and all of a sudden, you noticed something extraordinary you didn’t see before? Well, that is what re-learning means for me: walking a known path and noticing things that probably were there before, but you didn’t see, or new things that were not there on your last walk.

Today I will start my DAX re-learning journey, and I’ve chosen SQLBI as my guide through it simply because these guys ROCK! I consider there is a consensus among the Microsoft Business Intelligence community that Alberto and Marco are truly THE DAX guys.

“Incredible analytical…

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants” — Isaac Newton

When talking about M Query, Chris Webb is one of the greatest gurus out there sharing knowledge for the sake of the greater good.

In 2015, Chris Webb wrote the post “Nested Calculations in Power Query,” which I have found super helpful many times; today, I want to share with you two real-life cases where it came very handy.

I will not go into detail about the code, as his original post covers this with great clarity; this post is intended two show…

How to start your next great report/dashboard/app

(Very) Simple to use Wireframing elements

Download files from here. https://bit.ly/2Jfqn5B

  1. Open a new power Point Project.
  2. Start pulling the elements you need to wireframe into the PPT slides.
  3. Collaborate.
PPT is a great tool to start wireframing

Top left.

It is recommended that the most important content is localized in the top left section of the dashboard.

Three recommended steps for wireframing your Power Platform/Power BI Projects.

1. Discovery call: This is around one hour call where the user shows us the current reports and data sources, here we try to understand as best as we can the needs and wishes of the end-user.

2. Wireframing workshop: this is all about the “vision.” …

Or how I call it: How not to f**k it up big time again.

I often use Embedded Power BI to test the fun stuff reserved to Premium users; I also warn my colleagues that use this capacity to remember turning it off as it becomes quite expensive to leave it on; well I left running the thing for two weeks.

How to avoid doing the same stupid mistake

After confessing my sin to my boss, and being thankful for not being killed I started investigating how to programmatically avoid doing knucklehead stuff; fortunately, we live in a world with APIs and Power Automate.

For doing this we will need to:

1) Register an…

Two techniques for obtaining the PBI dataset’s last refresh time

Importance of the last refresh time

It is a good practice to include in your Power BI reports when was the last time the dataset got refreshed. There are several techniques for doing so.

Below, you will find two of them, both arriving to the same objective, a table with a single column containing a datetime field that updates every time the dataset refreshes.

World Time API

This is my favorite way of getting the last refresh time, because you do not have to deal with time zones adjustments. Only need to replace “Europe” for the continent we are interested in, and “Zurich” for the city.

let Source =…

Creating your next modelling masterpiece.

It doesn’t matter if it is a drawer, room or a Power BI dataset, it is horrible to open any of these and finding a mess; then, you have to spend time searching for things that are not where they suppose, trying to decipher what the hell does anything mean, and in general wasting valuable time in cero value activities.

I consider a fundamental virtue of any BI professional always to aim to make a model that can be easily understood and worked by other users. We can perform multiple activities to achieve such a goal. …

Link to download the Template


For using the template you will need

Things that you can learn

By using and digging into the Clockify Power BI Template you can learn many things:

  • Use of functions
  • UX
  • Measures
  • Bookmarks

Notes on versions

  • V1.50

There is a hidden functionality: now you can also use the “reports endpoint” this tables are not enables for load as some personalization will be needed; if you are interested, please go to the Query Editor and search for the tables named “Reports Base” and…

When you work with people from different longitudes, it is essential no to lose sight of the different time zones that our counterparties are.

What I want t share with you, which I didn’t even know it existed until recently, helps to keep an eye on the different time zones, and it is straightforward to implement: How to add different time zones to the Outlook calendar.

Right-click anywhere on the time column, then click on Change time zone; this will take you to the Time zones section of the Calendar tab in the Options menu.

Add up to additional time…

How to create a “Do Not Disturb” zone in your desk using your iPhone and an NFC card.

Silence time is a very scarce and valuable commodity; we need to learn how to protect our productive time from the distractions of our gadgets.

Being the cell phone the biggest offender in stealing time is that I will show you how to create a zone in your desk that will seamlessly activate the “Do not disturb” mode.

*Passive NFC capabilities are needed and only available in the latest iPhone models.

  1. Get an NFC sticker, a great option is the NFC Starter…

Yesterday while taking a walk in the woods, thinking about the current situation the world lives in, I came to the following ideas that could happen in the not so far future:

Deaths — we are far from the worst, I am afraid many underdeveloped countries are undercounting and therefore under identifying cases because of the lack of testing abilities or for political reasons. …

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