COVID 19 — Predictions for the (not so far) future

Yesterday while taking a walk in the woods, thinking about the current situation the world lives in, I came to the following ideas that could happen in the not so far future:

Deaths — we are far from the worst, I am afraid many underdeveloped countries are undercounting and therefore under identifying cases because of the lack of testing abilities or for political reasons. I live in Switzerland, a country that is usually well prepared, with a strong healthcare system and an educated population and this was about to become a shit-show; I am very concerned of what will happen in places like my Mexico.

Economy — we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg, I can’t think of an industry (formal or informal) that will not be affected. Everywhere my mind travels I observe stories like these, the chain effects are endless:

  • Restaurants, no waiters, no cooks. There are no tips, no supplies purchased.

Social unrest — So many unemployed people, without the means to make a daily life will trigger a period of social unrest. Inequality in the world will pass us the bill.

Rise of radical nationalism — Damn, I better stop here.

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