How to create a “Do Not Disturb” zone in your desk using your iPhone and an NFC card.

Silence time is a very scarce and valuable commodity; we need to learn how to protect our productive time from the distractions of our gadgets.

Being the cell phone the biggest offender in stealing time is that I will show you how to create a zone in your desk that will seamlessly activate the “Do not disturb” mode.

*Passive NFC capabilities are needed and only available in the latest iPhone models.

  1. Get an NFC sticker, a great option is the NFC Starter Pack from Seritag. The site also contains a lot of useful information to understand the technology better.
  2. Select the spot that will act as your non-disturb zone and stick the NFC Tag, my suggestions is that you choose the place where you tend to leave your phone.
  3. Open shortcuts app and select “Automation”, create a new “Personal Automation”, this should be triggered by “NFC”; press scan and approach your iPhone to the NFC tag, once this is detected, set a name and press next.

4. Now that we created the trigger, we need to set the steps of this automation:

  • Get the current date by adding the action “Date”.
  • Adjust the current date by adding the time you would like to activate your “Not disturb time”; in my case, an hour.
  • The last action of our Shortcut is to set the “Do not disturb mode”, we do this by searching the action “Turn do not disturb” and setting this “On” until the “Adjusted time” from the previous step.

5. Finally, we toggle off the switch “Ask Before Running”, this is done because we want to run the automation even when the iPhone is blocked.

Now, every time that we set our iPhone to this part of the desk, the “Do not Disturb” mode will be activated for one hour.

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