Wireframing in Power BI/Power Platform

How to start your next great report/dashboard/app

(Very) Simple to use Wireframing elements

  1. Open a new power Point Project.
  2. Start pulling the elements you need to wireframe into the PPT slides.
  3. Collaborate.
PPT is a great tool to start wireframing

Top left.

It is recommended that the most important content is localized in the top left section of the dashboard.

Three recommended steps for wireframing your Power Platform/Power BI Projects.

1. Discovery call: This is around one hour call where the user shows us the current reports and data sources, here we try to understand as best as we can the needs and wishes of the end-user.

2. Wireframing workshop: this is all about the “vision.” Incorporating what we know from the previous meeting, we start sketching and creating wireframes with the business users.

In COVID times, with the restrictions on gatherings is that I suggest you try Microsoft’s Power Point for your wireframing workshops.

3. Agree with the business user on the “final” wireframes.

To be continued…

Consultant, Business Intelligence, data, and analytics.

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